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London Studio
Studio No: 04, Action House
53 Sandgate Street
London, SE15 1LE


About Our Designer

Explore the unique style of fashion designer Novelette Ellis, the owner of Novelette Novalis in Peckham, London. She designs, make her patterns, and makes each piece on her own. You will not find this from most fashion designers! Her skills, intelligence, and experience contribute to the fabulous appeal of all our bespoke couture.

Experience You Can Trust

Novelette has been sewing since 1976 and she came to Britain in 1989. Her experience prior to coming to Peckham, London, includes sewing for the prime minister of Jamaica’s children, as well as creating clothing for the wives and children of US ambassadors during the 1970s. She also has experience subcontracting for Burberry™.

Unique Styles

The owner of Bias wore one of her novelette’s skirt had to repeat as it was a hit in Spain. All the skirts designs were a hit summer at local boutique Bias in Peckham. I’m working on featuring in Paris menswear next trade show. Fashion trendsetters and customers alike love the fact that every style Novelette creates is different, so customers can know that no one will have the exact same dress, which is especially important when attending an event.

Contact us in Peckham, London, to find out more about distinctive bespoke couture designs from our fashion designer.